Atlas of Dayton: A City in Progress

Digital prints on Organza Fabric 8 mm; Neenah Classic Crest 100 lb Cover; Transparent Film

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Atlas of Dayton: A City in Progress

Atlas of Dayton: A City in Progress (2016–2022) lives as a traveling exhibition containing a collection of maps that connect the landscape of Dayton, Ohio to the inequities that have constructed this place. These maps visualize issues of opportunity, equity and resource access information. They create transparency to the neighborhoods and communities most impacted by these inequities.  In partnership with the Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission (MVRPC), the Atlas of Dayton includes an interactive digital component that offers detailed information about the multiple layers seen throughout the physical pieces.

Graphic design and cartographic language unite to raise awareness and promote positive change throughout the Dayton region. This research continues to bring together community in public environments where information and education are free and accessible to everyone.

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