Book Proposal

6 x 9 inches /// cover: grass, raffia, hemp twine, watercolor, leaves

This journal was rich in exploration, research, discoveries, and constant change. Though my admiration and love for typography began in my Typography I class, I began to f e e l type during this project. 

The cover is a representation of the history of technologies through type—beginning with the hand and moving into digital. Further weaving in the concept of the title, Buried Leaves.

My original cover concept led me to a few discoveries. One was that this literary journal is resonant with letters that form words which communicate the writer’s thoughts, ideas, stories, reality, imaginations and humanity. The content was organic and my original idea felt rational. I wanted to communicate the organic qualities visually through the hand painted letters. I then defined certain vertical and horizontal lines with raffia and hemp twine. 

The natural feeling is embraced softly through the use of grass and leaves assembled across some of the horizontal lines. The colors evoke the essence of fall which is the season this literary journal will be published. Through process I discovered the importance of integrating tangible elements. The incorporation of actual leaves and grass sets an atmosphere and gives the final printed cover a spirit of palpability.