Collage Study for Album Cover

scotch tape transfer, scrap paper, graphite, colored pencil

Based upon a musician who portrayed a person of many layers. I wanted to convey this feeling through the application of various techniques and textures. The textures include scrap pieces of paper, cut-out printed words, sewn lines, colored pencil, graphite, ink, paintings by our 3 year old daughter with clear tape transfers. I began the cover by creating a grid with intersecting lines that will eventually carry throughout the entire album piece.

The idea is that the cover holds the final top layer, and the underlying layers are revealed as the viewer flips through the inside, including a book. I am photographing each phase of the design in order to visually display the layering process from beginning to end—simple to complex and back again. The song lyrics and song titles will also be weaved into the design as the project continues to develop. Perhaps the number of layers parallels the number of tracks—just another reason I highly value the process stage. Music can be experienced in the same way—through layers of discovery, understanding and interpretation.