Colors of Home.

A Photographic Essay (over years and still going)
Home. An idea we can all relate to in some way or the other. This idea stems from the feeling I receive each time I come and go from the town I call home—Jewett, Ohio. A small town with no stop lights or fast food chains. When I return home to visit my family, I always feel these contradicting feelings—peace and anxiety. This project is being developed through those ideas and so much more. I want to capture the buildings and objects that are a part of the area where I grew up. I then want to combine the history of Harrison County, with that of my family, traditions and the present existence that is there now. Some of these images are objects, but specific objects that become reflective of individuals within my family. Objects that may seem meaningless to an outsider, but to anyone in that town, they are understood.

This photographic essay is also about capturing time and will occur over time. Each visit home, I add to the essay. Since 2012, my hometown has fallen prey to fracking. That has captured my eye now. Each visit back reveals a change in the landscape due to this business. It saddens me in more ways than any word could express.