Connecting Disconnections

Approximately 7.5 feet x 5 feet
Letterpress print on Mowhawk Vellum 80 lb. Cover, thread

For over 2,000 years the bee community has been constructing the perfect hexagon shaped Honeycomb Conjecture to store their valuable honey. They innately create a simple and efficient system to sustaining life as a species and a community.

The study of the honeycomb became a reflection on how I construct and sustain the environment within which I live. This piece communicates the beauty of parts to a whole—metaphorically speaking, humans as parts in the larger picture that is the community and environment.

The layers of hexagons represent the layers of messages communicated in the environment. Playful syntax forces the viewer to focus on understanding—requiring patience and the desire to take away meaning. The messages speak upon love, nature, formulating a more sustainable life, relationships, change, struggle and the need to connect in order to survive.

This was my first sketch of how this idea would be realized. I was also inspired by the poetry of Carl Andre.