Eggspressionism: The Birth of an Art Movement

an undergraduate studies altered book design.

Develop a book that derives from a given book by either redesigning the existing book or reinvent a book that is derivative of the information and ideas within existing book. My original book was, the splendid art of decorating eggs by Rosemary Disney.

The zygote of this book was fertilized through the fusion of various ideas, inspiration, passion, imagination, fine art, design principles, and the eggcitement to create a new life.  The conception originated within a book called, The Splendid Art of Decorating Eggs by Rosemary Disney. As the germinal period, or creative process continued to evolve, the zygote slowly became an embryo. The creative process was succeeded by the incubation period which lasted for about 28 days and birthed the perfect form of a 46 chromosome art movement that is Eggspressionism. Eggspressionist artists focus on composition, color and meaning, but more importantly form—specifically an egg. 

This book is brimming with satire, cleverness and intelligence. The inside pages are nestled in a handmade carton. The user will open the carton and pull out the book, in the way one would grab an egg out of a carton. Every aspect of this book is directly connected to an egg. 

The entire developmental process spanned about three weeks. I found this project stimulating as exhausting as it was. This project provided the opportunity to develop my own content through creative writing which allowed the funnier side of me to come out. Having a collaboration of design and creative writing truly fueled my devotion to this book.

My desire is to have this book published, but I need more knowledge on the copyright laws involved with my use of these famous paintings—any shared knowledge is greatly appreciated.