Experiential Design for the People [Dayton]

2018 /// Classroom- and community-based environmental design project

This RTA bus stop redesign was a collaborative project for the fall 2018 Design Practicum (Ligature Studio) students at the University of Dayton. Students aimed to create a beautiful design that would have lasting impact while imparting change through a visible and creative community language. The fun­damentals of the project are rooted in experiential learning, public access and community.

One key design element is the triangle. These appear on the ground, roofs, and as the bus stop seating. The triangle forms unite to create a diamond shape configuration which refer­ences the “gem” of Dayton’s appellation of the Gem City. The triangle shape is also associated with concepts of balance, strength, and unity that reiterate the importance of community integrity and solidarity.

The incorporation of the rooftop garden element seeks to address issues of sustainability and the absence of greenery in urban spaces. “Greenroofs” are effective solutions to the issue of city stormwater runoff. Cities are particularly susceptible to this problem as there are not as many permeable ground ar­eas. Instead of the ground absorbing rainwater, the rainwater simply runs across the surface, contributing to water pollution and flooding. This bustop rooftop garden becomes one posi­tive course of action against this environmental issue.

The chosen color scheme complements those already promi­nent in the city of Dayton; namely, the existing RTA palette as well as that of the Dayton Metro Library. The bright colors intend to elicit feelings of happiness and community. The nine-color palette refers to the “Dayton Nine” civic redevelop­ment strategy which further institutes this project into the city.

design director: 
Misty Thomas-Trout

student designers:
Emily Bartolone
Sarah Fieldhammer
Emma Kauffman
Alyssa Ramstetter
Jeremy Rosen
Taylor Wilson

Digital renderings by Alyssa Ramstetter.