8.25 x 11.667 inches /// Designed for the Department of Visual Arts (now the Department of Art and Design) at the University of Dayton— this journal combines a hand made artifact with the digitally printed piece—one way of uniting fine arts with design.
Inserts: recycled letterpress proof prints with underlying digital print of Dayton map


This project exudes the benefit of collaboration, team-work and continual development through process. The idea started in a class called Art Message at the University of Dayton and was later made a physical reality through my design.

Students and faculty came together to develop the content that serves as a vehicle for stories about the Department of Visual Arts. I then gave form to the content through a 32 page design system that is INTERSECTions.

The greatest aspect of this project was the overwhelming challenge of designing the content in such a way that I was communicating the various visions of what this journal would look like. Since I was not brought into the project until a few weeks before the class ended, I had to truly invest myself into understanding what this journal needed to be, along with what it would be in the future. The system needed to be easily accessible for future designers.

Each printed journal has a hand-made artifact stitched to the inside. I had the pleasure of being directly involved with its creation. The artifact is just one facet of this journal that embodies the time and care put into this piece—just one idea that reflects the values of the Department of Visual Arts at the University of Dayton.