Love is Always Flowing …

17.5 x 25 /// digital print

This project began as a personal mapping poster derived from a recorded log of my spring break in 2011. After working on the project as a student and observing my peers work, I realized my spring break was like no other student’s. I was a non-traditional student, beyond the academic definition—I was a mother, wife and so much more. I decided to transmute the poster from an advertisement to a personal display of my life on spring break as a non-traditional student. 

My spring break consisted of much desired time with my family. The heart is at the core of it all—life, love, feeling, passion, breathing, dying. The heart pumps blood through our veins, and with this blood flows thoughts, ideas, love, hate, emotion and existence. The words represent the blood as it flows in and out of the heart. When the words are entering the vessel, family is together. As the words are flowing out, family is apart.