Make Work, Not Love.

A two-part study that is inescapably a never ending study.

This series, “Make Work, Not Love” focuses on a journey of self-discovery and reflection upon my past year. A year of accomplishments, disappointments, let-downs, mistakes—all without regret. For it is all of those things that brought forth who I am today, and why this work was made.

The first images make up Part One of the series. An idea that is based upon contradiction. These works were inspired by love and the effect of love. This was also about me reminding myself to focus on my work and to not be distracted by any loss or gain of love—though love is what sparks my passion in every realm of life. I can’t escape the hold it has upon me.

There are 9 pieces in this series. These were created for faculty and friends as a parting gift. I wanted to give a gift to those who had an effect on my time at the University of Dayton—as a student, colleague and friend. Each piece begins with the same stamped heart graphic. The second heart contains one part of the first heart—each being different. This symbolizes my giving of a part of me, back to them, for the difference they made in my life. The red string is a reminder of the Red String Theory, that we will always be connected—just as each string connects from one image to the next throughout the entire series.

The second solitary piece is Part Two titled, “Number 12, You Said Something I’ve Never Forgotten.” This work, very much a narrative, was the beginning inspiration for the above series. The phrases represent words that were spoken to me that seemed to linger. Though the meaning in this piece is extremely deep and intimate, I am choosing to keep the details private. But isn’t art best left for one’s own interpretation?