Metamorphosis: From Story Cube to Butterfly Kit

Original project was to write and design a story that would carry the reader across a 6″×6″ 3D cube.
TRANSFORMATION: Utilize the visual form story cube as a package design for a butterfly kit that would serve as an educational tool for teachers, students, parents and children—to experience the magnificent evolution of the butterfly.

The butterfly kit package design began as a story cube with a poem that told the metamorphosis of a monarch butterfly across the six sides. Over time, I continued to develop the idea of the cube becoming a package design. The outside is composed of hand illustrated then watercolored scenes of metamorphosis. As the reader follows the hand crafted words, they are forced to turn the cube continually in order to finish the story.

The kit comes with the common larvae voucher, magnifying glass and tweezers, but it also comes with an educational booklet that presents the poem and scenes across a layout bound with an accordion fold. Each kit also comes with a replica of a monarch butterfly crafted with tissue paper, pipe cleaners, acrylic paint and wire. The butterfly serves as another educational tool for learning the parts of a butterfly.