No. 1 Available to All

Selected as an Honorable Mention in Graphis’ international, juried design competition.
The work was also published in the Graphis Poster Annual 2022 (9781931241120).

24 x 36 inch, digital print and interactive PDF

Download interactive PDF.

This poster is the first in a newly developed series that will provide information
around the Coronavirus Pandemic. “No. 1 Available to All” serves as a historical
document that celebrates each person that was part of the COVID-19 vaccine
development. The very first scientists, physicians, funders or manufacturers have
their names published on this poster. The poster also exists as a digital interactive
PDF. The viewer can hover over each name, encouraging them to click and learn
more about each person that played a role in the COVID-19 vaccine. When
exhibited in the physical world, the QR code becomes the link to the interactive PDF.

Each person that is part of the COVID-19 vaccine has their name published on this
work. If you are one of these scientists, physicians, funders or manufacturers and
would like a different hyperlink to advertise your achievements, please contact me.

Adobe Acrobat is rather finicky and doesn’t handle hyperlinks well. View PDF in
browser for a more seamless experience.

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