Orpheus: Retrospective


Orpheus is the art and literary journal of the University of Dayton. Once known as The Exponent, this student-produced periodical has enjoyed 110 years of publication. I worked with John V Clarke as the 

I designed the 1,086 inch banner that ran along the entire wall of windows—acting as a backdrop for the books. The banner includes the names of all the students involved in the books through each decade. The banner also is a representation of typography evolving over time. It begins with the signatures of the students’ handwriting and changes with each decade, ending with Mr Eaves and Mrs Eaves which was the best we could find for the last 2 decades—though we are hopeful more will be designed. Each section also includes an educational paragraph of text about each typeface, written by John.

The center wall focuses on the transition of the publication evolving from The Exponent to the Orpheus. This area also includes a two pedestals—displaying one of the first publications of The Exponent, and the other displaying the latest. The layout of the space was done in such a way that the viewer could begin at either end or in the middle as they explore the history of the publication—viewing literally all that has changed over the years in art and design, and some that has remained.