Printing Press (of Sorts)

Letterpress print on found paper, porcelain, lead type and wood

Through the salvaging of damaged sorts ready for ‘hell’, an alternative printing process takes shape—giving the sorts a space and place to reveal a message.

The past is rooted in tradition.
This tradition is evaded by the present.
Where do we go from here?

This work relfects my own state of mind as I exist within the letterpress shop environment—a place and space that is my sanctuary. I am taking a conventional process that led to the first instance of mass communication and provoking thought through a message that discusses the current state of culture where mass-industry has replaced self-sufficiency.

The lead sorts embedded in the porcelain clay, create a landscape that shifts, cracks and changes over time. Just as people are embedded in nature, we leave a footprint that sometimes changes the landscape for worse.