The Place We Met

9 1/8  x 10 5/8 inches
85 x 48 inches when installed
Hand sewn with darning needle, wood, polyester thread, acrylic paint on canvas, digitally printed accordion book on 100% handmade cotton rag paper, handmade clamshell box


Life is a constant quest of understanding and so is love. Together they lead to suppositions that magnify the need to know. Maps help us to interpret the world around us and our place within it. “The Place We Met” is a nonfiction autobiographical confessional of the artist on a quest to understand the life of living in love as the other woman.

Visually seeing the nature of a relationship through cartographic representation becomes a transferable experience for others. Connecting the circumstance of meeting to the place where two people met, becomes the framework for this experience.

The hand-sewn timeline that borders the canvas has dates with snippets of memories taken from journal entries. Each number locates a position where prominent recollections were once written about.

These memories are told in the legend—stories that are digitally printed on handmade 100% cotton rag paper and bound in an accordion book. All of the components are stored within a handmade clamshell box covered with a hand painted map.

This artist book and installation illustrates a memorial through documentation. Placing all the components within a bound box, further symbolizes the nature of living love within someone else. It also acts as a form of closure and ending to a relationship while paying tribute to an experience and connection that continues throughout time because it exists as a book and the only tangible memory of what never truly was.