story submissions

now accepting submissions for the second publication
of “atlas of dayton herald”

Tell me who you are.

The Atlas of Dayton Herald is dedicated to telling the history, stories and experiences of Daytonians. If you have a story to share about your community, neighborhood, culture or are seeking ways to have your voice heard, submit your story to be published in the second edition.

Whether it’s a story that directly relates to redlining, racial discrimination, family traditions, a story of hopes and dreams, or ways to create positive change through the action of sharing through storytelling — your voice is welcomed and needed here.

To submit your story, simply email Misty at or

below are some themes and writing prompts to help get your creativity flowing.

food, culture, educational experiences, family, race, identity

What was the last thing you laughed about and why?

Talk about your favorite family tradition.

Describe one of your favorite meals that are specific to your culture.

What is your favorite food?

Where do you prefer to shop for groceries and why?

What did you want to be when you were a child?

Talk about your family and describe their personalities.

How would others describe you?

What was your journey to Dayton? Talk about your roots in Dayton or how you landed here?

What would you change about your neighborhood if you had the resources and help?

What is a funny memory you have of your grandmother or grandfather?

What is your favorite family activity and why?

What holiday does your family celebrate and why is it important or special to you?

Where would you go right now if you could?

What is something unique about you that isn’t visible to the eye?

Talk about one dream you have.

Who do you look up to and why?

What is one memory from childhood you wish wasn’t a memory?

Who is your best friend and what makes them so valuable to you?

Talk about your religious or spiritual traditions.

Talk about your favorite places to go in Dayton and why.

What do you think Dayton needs to do for its people?

Talk about your family lineage.

How do you identify?

What is your race? What is your ethnicity?

Talk about the unique qualities within yourself or your culture?

What is one thing you can cook really well? How did you learn how to cook?