NAKED: A Peculiar Elegance

project done during my undergraduate studies.

Naked is a photographic series that explores the realm of combining a male body with a female body through contrasting peculiar compositions with complementary elegant forms. These images are meant to evoke emotions ranging from vulnerability to comfortable in love, while revealing the complex nature of nudity regardless of gender. The exploration concentrates on the natural grace of the human body while creating peculiar moments through alignments of body parts.

This peculiarity leads to mystery that shares the framed stage with the beautiful figures. This collision of skin convinces the eye of one notion, but later reveals another. Encouraging the viewer to change their perception—something we all would benefit from. 

Through research, I discovered John Coplans. I have always been drawn to nude photography, but find it to be trite after a while. John’s work was magnificent, humorous, unique and real. I knew I wanted to photograph nude bodies, but John sent me in the exact direction that I needed to explore.

I chose to place the bodies on a bare mattress because I wanted to break away from the conventional use of a white or black background. The bare mattress is covered in an old style pattern which brings forth another element of elegance but parallels the idea of being naked.